Fantasy Loser Is Given The Worst Fate Imaginable: A Tattoo Of LaVar Ball

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A bet is a bet, I get it. If you agree to terms with your league that whoever’s fantasy team finishes last, you better honor those terms. With the exception of one condition- that those terms include getting a tattoo of LaVar Ball’s fucking face.


Don’t bet on fantasy football. It will end badly… #bigballer

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That’s one thing I just couldn’t do. I’d risk losing my friends for life, I’d risk getting kicked out of that league, I’d risk being murdered just to not have that tattoo on my leg. Can’t have it. If I had to look at LaVar Ball’s yellow ass teeth every day for the rest of my life I’d rather be dead than alive, so I may as well let my friends murder me anyway. Better to be murdered before I get a tattoo of LaVar Ball than to kill myself after getting it, I always say.



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