Ex-Bullet Rex Chapman Was Arrested For Stealing $14,000 Of Merchandise From An Apple Store

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Rex Chapman, 46, spent 12 seasons in the NBA, including four years with the Washington Bullets. Now, Chapman may be spending some time in the slammer after a series of ballsy thefts from a Scottsdale, Arizona Apple store. Chapman would grab some goods, pretend that he was paying for them through the store’s self-checkout, then walk right through the door just like Jane’s Addiction drew it up. Once he exited the store, he would take the merchandise to a pawn shop and exchange them for straight cash, homie. He ending up stealing more than $14,000 worth of Apple products before finally getting caught. He’s been charged with nine counts of organized retail theft and five counts of trafficking in stolen property. Tara must be so disappointed. (I have no idea why this photo exists, but I’m glad as hell that it does.)

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Our old pal Rexy almost had a perfect scheme going. He knew that you’re much more likely to pull off a successful caper with the quiet approach than to come into the place guns blazin’. Get in and get out like a fart in the wind. The only thing that Rex was missing was a distraction, which is inexcusable for a man that was a member of the Bullets in the mid-’90s. All he had to do was make one simple phone call to Gheorghe Muresan, and he could have robbed that place till the cows came home. Gheorghe busts a move, jaws drop, and you walk out with 10 iPads. Everybody wins.

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