Evidently Drew Brees Is A Crappy Tipper

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So apparently Drew Brees rolls into The Del Mar Rendezvous in early July, has a $74.41 tab and tips 3 lousy bucks.  Thanks Drewski!  Brees just signed a $100 million contract in 2012, which means he’s rich as a motherfucker.  But instead of showing love and tipping like he’s supposed to, Drew throws down a 4% tip like he’s some welfare ghetto bird eatin’ crispy wings and drinking 8 free refill cokes with no ice.  Even if that shit was carry-out Drew could thrown down a $20 spot for a tip as easily as a homeless man can throw a quarter at a stripper on Baltimore Street. (Make it hail baby!)  No way I draft this cheap bastard on my fantasy football team.

C'mon dude

C’mon dude


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  1. Maybe Carissa is an ugly bitch who gave him less than MVP service. if that’s the case why even leave $3 just right in 0 dollars and 0 cents

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