Everyone’s Favorite Basketball Player Is Back At It Again, This Time Shoving A Florida State Coach

Sports and Bets — January 11, 2017 at 3:33 am by



Grayson Allen is like a gift from Coach K to the rest of us. It’s like he said, ‘how can I make my team and university more hate-able?,’ and then went out and immediately recruited Grayson Allen. Grayson’s the gift that keeps on giving. Every single game there’s another controversy these days. It’s like he’s trolling us at this point. He knows we all hate him, and he continues to give us more and more reasons to continue hating him. But it’s fun to hate Grayson Allen, because he’s so universally hated, that I don’t even think there’s one guy out there that’s like, ‘yeah I really like this guy, he seems like a cool dude.’


To be fair, you really can’t tell if this was 100% intentional. My thoughts are honestly that he was more worried about falling and reached out to try to prevent his fall. Didn’t want to get hurt. His body’s more important than anyone else’s body. And he can’t be messing that pretty face up. His hair cut probably costs more than my car.


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