Even The God Damn Looney Tunes Are Mocking The Orioles Right Now

Sports and Bets — May 9, 2018 at 11:38 am by



Here’s the thing. Every time you think this team has hit rock bottom, they go to a new low. Two nights ago the Orioles were tied for the league’s worst record after coming home from a 7 game west coast losing trip. We thought that was rock bottom. Heads needed to roll. But they did the whole hold my beer thing, and proceeded to give up 10 runs in the next inning they played. I hate this team. They’re zero fun to watch, and I sat through 14 years of my adolescence watching this team lose, but still loved them. But there’s nothing fun about watching the 2018 Orioles. Nothing. And now the damn Looney Tunes are mocking us. This hurts.



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