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Almost 24 hours later, I still can’t believe the kind of beat down the Seahawks gave the Broncos.  I liked, and picked, Seattle but never in a million years did I think they would blow Denver out the way they did.  Denver looked like a bad Sun Belt school team playing an SEC powerhouse.  To put it in plain and simple terms, Seattle was faster and  much more physical than Denver.  It was one of the worst margins of defeat in Super Bowl history.

  It’s naive to think Peyton Manning deserves just 1/53 of the blame, he was a big reason why they lost the game.  Yes the entire team played horrible, but so did Peyton.  The whole team seemed to be playing tight, and it looked like they were woefully unprepared for football’s biggest stage.  That’s ironic, because the consensus before the game was that it would be Seattle for whom the moment would be too big for.  That consensus being of course due mainly to Seattle’s lack of Super Bowl experience, as not one player on their roster had ever played in one.  I’m also not sure where along the way Denver forgot how to tackle, because they were absolutely horrible.  The entire secondary was missing tackles left and right. 


  Percy Harvin was the best player on the field last night.  It’s gonna be scary to think what he could add to that offense in a full season.  Harvin reminded me of playing Techmo Bowl back in the late eighties and playing with Bo Jackson as your running back.  No matter what the defense did he was unstoppable.  Harvin was two steps faster than anybody else on the field, as Seattle really exploited Denver on the two fly sweep plays with Harvin.

  As I alluded to Friday, Seattle was able to make Manning uncomfortable all night with just their front four.  Cliff Avril was directly responsible for both of Manning’s first half picks with his pressures.  You could make a very strong case that Avril should have been the MVP. Manning had to take check down, after check down because of the constant pressure.  That played precisely into Seattle’s hands as the Legion of Boom could come up and make bone jarring tackles on Denver’s receivers.  So much so, that Denver’s receivers looked like they wanted no part of that game from jump street. 


  Seattle’s defense, and particularly their secondary, showed us last night that good defense is very much still alive in the NFL today.  In an era of high powered offenses and lit up scoreboards, good fundamental defense can still win.  This group deserves to be in the conversation with the ’85 Bears and the ’00 Ravens.

  Russell Wilson is a top ten quarterback in this league and rapidly rising.  He is so smart with the football (one turnover in three playoff games), and he is nearly impossible to sack.  He doesn’t put up gaudy stats, but he doesn’t have to because he wins.  The Hawks are smart enough to realize that they can lean on their rugged running game and stout, play making, defense. 

  We’re seeing an interesting trend now these last few years in the NFL. With the salary cap the way it is, teams that hit on a starting franchise caliber quarterback in the draft have a nice three to four year window to load up on expensive talent while your QB is getting paid peanuts on his rookie contract.  The Ravens did it for years with Flacco, and now the Hawks, Niners, and Eagles are all enjoying the spoils of not having to pay 18% of their salary cap to one player.  That is how Seattle was able to go out last offseason and sign Cliff Avril and Michael Bennett, two players that were key to Seattle’s playoff run.  It’s imperative for teams to take advantage of this golden opportunity if they ever find themselves blessed with it.

  Did Eric Decker play last night?  Didn’t see much of him.

  The commercials were pretty solid.  It’s funny that the Super Bowl is the one time of the year that you actually want to see commercials. So many big stars came out this year for the ad companies: Scarlet Jo, James Franco, and old Arnie, just to name a few.  I loved the Tim Tebow commercial;  laughed my ass off at that one.  Also enjoyed the eighties Radio shack ad, and Oikos bringing back the Full House dads(even Dave Coullier- surprised he could fit that into his hectic schedule).

  I really enjoyed the halftime show, as Bruno Mars was a huge hit.  He had a ton of energy and I loved the old school Motown feel of his performance. 


  Overall, I feel it was a great NFL season, even though the Ravens were painfully average this year.  I’m already looking forward to August and fantasy draft season. 


….and more wind outta Seabass

Did anyone else think that Denver’s draw play on third and ten, and then the subsequent punt on 4th and 10 all while the Broncos were inside the Seattle 40 and trailing 29-0 were the worst two offensive decisions in the NFL this postseason?  They supposedly had the greatest offense in the history of football.  This great offense was in desperate need of some confidence.  Going for it allows for the possibility of a confidence building first down in a big situation.  Punting does nothing but net a few yards in field position and give the ball back to a team that is already destroying you.  If Denver gets a first down there and then ultimately a TD, the complexion of the game changes, if only so slightly.  But at least it’s an attempt at success.  Punting in that situation is the ultimate give up.  The Broncos might have well as punted on 2nd down.

Speaking of special teams the onside kick after the touchdown was very poorly executed.  Denver could do no right yesterday.

Peyton Manning is still one of the top 5 quarterbacks ever, even though he didn’t play particularly well Sunday.  He didn’t even seem like himself during the game.  My friend, the Weez, made a good point.  Where was the constant line gibberish and Omahas?  Manning didn’t seem to make a ton of adjustments on the fly.  I thought that maybe this was because the Seahawks just stuck with their Cover 3 alignment most of the game.  But after watching again, Seattle played a lot of one deep and two deep zones.  But it was still a zone with man to man coverage on the outside, the same coverage concept that they use on the Cover 3.  I guess the only person you can answer where the Omahas and constant adjustments were is Manning, and I have a feeling he won’t tell us shit.

Meanwhile the Ravens are 40/1 to win Super Bowl 49.  Seems like a decent wager to me………..




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