ESPN’s Brian Windhorst Responds To People Thinking He Fell Asleep On Live TV

Sports and Bets — March 30, 2016 at 3:36 am by



I’ll be honest, I was pretty worried about my boy Brian Windhorst after he looked like he fell asleep on live television on Tuesday, but now that I see he’s calling Adam Schefter out, I’m even more worried. First thing’s first, Windhorst clearly fell asleep instead of giving us vital information. No shame in it. Jobs are boring in 2016, even the one’s we all wish we had. No one wants to stay awake for work, and even the cream of the crop like Windhorst are no exception. Falling asleep at work happens to even the best of us. But if BW is calling out Adam Schefter, I’m worried about him. Schefter had quite the offseason, no doubt about it. I mean, the guy couldn’t put down his phone to educate the public on what was happening in the NFL world. But Schefty is King Dick on ESPN, and no one doubts that. ESPN would drop LeBron coverage to put on Schefter coverage, that’s how much they like the little guy. So watch your back Windhorst, you’ve got nothing on the man himself, Adam Schefter. You’re better off falling asleep than coming at Schefter.




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