ESPN, Do You Even Have A Soul?

Sports and Bets — October 26, 2016 at 3:32 am by


Son of a bitch, ESPN, you’re ruthless. No soul whatsoever. Michael Wilbon, a notable Cubs fan, has waited his entire life to see the Cubs in the World Series, and last night was finally the night. As an Orioles fan who has never been alive to see my team in the World Series, I can sympathize with his years of living in pain. Except Wilbon’s been alive for like 50 years longer than me, so his suffering is even worse. Actually I have no idea how old Wilbon is, but have you ever seen the man without makeup? Guy looks 90. He’s a character from The Walking Dead. Legit looks like he died three years ago.

So for the first time in this man’s life he has a chance to not only watch, but be at a World Series game his favorite team is playing in, and what does ESPN do? Assigns him to a meaningless NBA game in Oakland. Unreal.




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