English Woman Wakes Up With Chinese Accent

Humor, News — September 5, 2013 at 10:28 am by

What happens when you roll out of bed, and your first words are in a brand new accent? Sarah Colwill, was hospitalized for an intense migraine, and to her surprise, her voice changed. Her familiar accent has since been replaced with that of a Chinese woman. Since there is a name for everything, this is referred to as Foreign Accent Syndrome

BBC One ran a special on Colwill called The Woman Who Woke Up Chinese. The TLC-worthy one-woman reality show says, she feels like she’s “stuck inside of some kinda weird social experiment.” In the documentary, there is one scene where she is actually calling for Chinese takeout. Naturally, ordering Chinese in your new accent is simply necessary…

In this clip, Sarah meets another women who suffers FAS. Guess where her accent is from


via HuffPo

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