English Slapdick Lights Firecracker In Pocket

Humor — August 19, 2014 at 3:57 pm by

Skip to 1:00 to get straight to the action.

That’s gonna leave a mark. Apparently, this idiotic stunt was done to win a 10 pound bet, which translates to $16.62. That’s hardly enough money to buy a pint of booze and a first aid kit. This dude’s got the heart of a lion, but the negotiating skills of a real sucker. If you’re taking the risk to seriously injure your leg/ass/dick with fireworks, you’ve gotta at least get $100 out of it. Anything less is financially irresponsible. And how ’bout that pitiful ending? Poor guy has to pedal home on a Huffy bike with his leg looking like hell and his shorts blown to smithereens. Real tragic shit.

via Huffington Post

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