Eminem Rapped A Masterful Six-Minute Freestyle On Shade 45

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42-years-old and still spitting hot fire that’d make Dylan jealous. Damn, that was impressive. Through two listens, these were my favorite parts from that blistering freestyle in reverse order.

3. Bringing the horror to emcees like the aura of the Run DMC fedora
Addidas and Diadoras but I need at least three to four of those Rita Oras
In a four seater Taurus but tell them my face is the best seat in the house
I’ll let them bleed in my mouth while I’m eating them out.

So disgusting, yet do damn poetic. I’d much rather prefer for Aunt Flow to leave town first, but Rita Ora is definitely a babe.


2. Hands is down my pants as I fantasize taking advantage
Of Brandy and Janet by grabbing my Spanish Fly
Like a blind Hispanic guy with his zipper stuck
Give a fuck, it’s all part of my grand design
To get Amanda Bynes to come and fucking blow me like a dandelion

Might start using, “Would you like to come and fucking blow me like a dandelion?” as a pick-up line. What a wordsmith. I’ll also always love Amanda Bynes no matter how crazy her ass becomes.


1. Like flaming pythons, my suggestion is parental discretion
Be advised, due to this mental aggression
We advise you to back up, like Byron Leftwich

These certainly weren’t Eminem’s most impressive bars in the freestyle, but they were the ones that made me laugh the hardest. I’m sucker for sports references in my raps and that’s one of the best ones I’ve heard in a long time. Only Marshall Mathers could drop such a clever line about a back-up QB, who hasn’t even been in the league since 2012. Fire flame emojis everywhere.

via Complex
cover pic: Sway’s Instagram

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