Elkton Police Are Sending Warning Letters Home If They Suspect You’ve Been Soliciting Prostitutes

Humor, News — June 16, 2016 at 12:01 pm by


In an interesting approach, the Elkton Police Department have decided to send out ‘Dear John’ warning letters to anyone that might be soliciting prostitutes. According to the Elkton Police Department Facebook page, this is their plan:

 The Elkton Police Department, as part of our anti-prostitution initiatives, will begin to send warning/advisory letters to owners of vehicles observed to be driven in a way that indicates the driver was attempting to solicit a prostitute. The letters are not accusatory and involve no criminal charges, but a case number will be generated and the incident will be documented via an incident report.

 We believe this tactic will be a great deterrent by making the known areas of prostitution activity less attractive to prospective “Johns” or customers. The letters will state when, where, and what time the vehicle was seen in an area known for prostitution related crimes, and the driver was seen driving the vehicle in a manner indicative of attempting to pick up a prostitute. It will not be indiscriminate. Often suspicious activity is observed, such as a known prostitute getting in or out of a vehicle, but the officer has no probable cause for an arrest.

I can’t decide if this is the greatest deterrent to getting a hooker, or not. On one hand, you run the risk of being completely embarrassed when a family member opens the mail to one of these letters. You look like a complete scumbag, even the mailman will eventually know what these letters look like. On the other end of the spectrum, you basically have a free pass. If you have zero humility, until you receive one of these letters, you know you’re in the clear of any actual legal repercussions. Elkton, you never fail to amaze…


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