Ed Reed Had $50k Stolen From His Front Seat This Week

Sports and Bets — February 13, 2014 at 11:40 am by

Houston just keeps on giving back to Ed Reed.  Baltimore’s favorite safety had $50k stolen from the front seat of his ride this week, in Houston. Police are on the hunt for a suspect, who smashed out a window and stole the loot.  Reed picked up the cash from one bank, and then stopped off at a Bank of America where the deed went down.

It’s unclear why Reed was strolling around Houston, but once again, it wasn’t the result he was looking for.  What is with all the cash Mr. Reed?  Also, front seat?  Street Smarts 101, the safest place for a bag full of cash is over your shoulder…Never would happen in Baltimore, am I right?


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  1. come on ed, 50,000.00 large in the front seat of what kind of wheels? and that concealed weapon permit along with 2 body guards never would have left the money and myself out of the 1 foot viewing area.wow did we all just come off the turnip boat or did you just pertake in the captain kangaroo i just lost my only brain cell left in my skull part #1 ( concussions made me do this) leading with my head sure didn,t help. a quinn martin production.

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