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Place your order babes.

Sometimes when a sandwich shop calls itself gourmet it  just means that they are going to throw some god-damn sprouts on a 2- slice turkey sandwich and charge you $15 bucks for it.  Not so at Ravage Deli.  This place is a real-deal gourmet deli on steroids.  The food is good, fresh, and original, and best yet, the portions are huge. It’s a relatively new place, but it’s a welcome addition to the Baltimore suburb of Perry Hall.  Perry Hall is a sea of fast food chains and cookie cutter pizza/sub shops, so something different was in order.  Ravage deli fits this need nicely.                                                           

Ravage Deli gets their meats and produce from local sources.  Hell, they even get their crab meat from the Eastern Shore.  They also feature Boar’s Head deli meats and cheeses, and any deli that features Boar’s Head usually means business.  But we all know that the key to any good restaurant is the menu and the execution, and it’s here where Ravage Deli really stands out.


Enjoy a Mobtown, then plan a hit

A group of three of us rolled into Ravage Deli one afternoon for a late lunch/ early dinner.  The group consisted of myself, charmcitywire writer Babes (a.k.a Jeff), and his wizza (wife).   I had heard plenty of  positive things about this place, and the initial eyeball test only made me more excited to dive into the menu.  The deli is spotless and well presented with a few tables both outside and in.   There is a hand written menu on chalk boards above the ordering counter, and best yet, a flat screen hanging in the front corner.  (The Oriole/ Yankee game was the feature on this particular Saturday afternoon.) The menu is extensive and features several sandwiches, salads, burgers, and sides.  It’s one of those menus where you start reading and you begin to realize that you want to try everything.  We dove in with three sandwiches: The Marylander, The Mobtown Classic, and The Hot Pastrami.  We also ordered the lump crab mac-n-cheese,  duck fat fries, and the hand-cut old bay fries.  Forget it babes, this was a meal.  We all got regular sized sandwiches and they were huge.  Lesser men could have split the sandwich into two meals but Babes and I crushed our sammies with zeal.  The Marylander features melt in your mouth roast beef topped with crab dip and aged cheddar.  Awesome.  The roast beef was medium rare and it was so good I almost ran onto Belair Road so it would be my last sandwich ever.  Babes said his Mobtown was so good that he suddenly felt like Tony Soprano sitting in back of  The Bada Bing.  The wizza loved her Hot Pastrami as well.  Normal humans would have been satisfied with just the sandwiches, but there was other delicious food on the table.  The Lump Crab mac-n cheese actually featured real lump crabmeat and was awesome.  We highly recommend this dish. The fries were great too and Babes loved his Duck Fat fries, which he somehow managed to polish off  on his own.  (They are organic, so he felt okay about his gluttony.)


Lump Crab Mac-N-Cheese

It was a tremendous deli style meal.  The food is on point, the people working are friendly, and you don’t have to worry about leaving hungary, you definitely get your money’s worth. 

The menu is a beast, there are 18 specialty sandwiches, plus you also have the option to create your own.  There are a vast amount of meats, toppings, cheeses, and sauces to choose from.  A lot of their sauces are home-made, including the Ravage Deli Hot Sauce, which I really enjoyed over my Old Bay fries. 

Other menu items that looked intriguing were the Slow Cooked Brisket (includes a tangy BBQ sauce), the Boursin Turkey Club(with Boursin Cheese and house made applewood bacon.), and the Vegetarian Powerhouse (with house made garlic hummus) for you rabbit folk out there. I can’t wait to get back to try all these and more.

So get your ass out to Perry Hall and go see the good folks at Ravage Deli.  Just make sure you bring your appetite.

You can check out Ravage Deli’s daily specials on their facebook page here: 

You can also go to their unfinished website to check out their menu and contact info.




  1. I live right by that place. I will have to check it out.

  2. Best Sandwich Shop Around……HANDS DOWN…….

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