Eat at Applebee’s Each Day to Keep the Gratuity Away

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BuzzfeedEarlier this week, an Applebee’s waitress posted a photo of a receipt to Reddit fro a pastor who, instead of leaving the suggested 18 percent tip, wrote “I give God 10%, why should you get 18.”The original photo Chelsea posted contained the pastor’s signature. After it began to go viral, the customer contacted Applebee’s and demanded that not only Chelsea be fired, but everyone who worked at that location be fired.Chelsea told Consumerist that she was just trying to blow off some steam by anonymously posting it to Reddit, not lose her job. Before posting the receipt, she had worked there without incident.



So Applebee’s is going to join the list of corporations that fire underpaid employees over petty internet abuses. If Pastor Alois Bell of the St. Louis-based “Truth in the World Deliverance Ministries” doesn’t want to tip her restaurant server, that is her right, sort of. But to hide behind religion and make a sorry excuse such as she did is shameful and not very Christian like. Might I ask for the details of her giving 10% to God? Does she put it into the collection plate at her church where it funnels back into her own salary? A salary that I might add is most likely guaranteed up front and well above the Federal Minimum Wage, unlike that of restaurant servers and bartenders who in most cases make half of the minimum wage in their respective states. Does the rest of the money collected by the church that they say they are giving to God go to help the needy? Is their goal to alleviate homelessness and distress in the community? If so, might I suggest that they start tipping restaurant servers who make $3.50/hour before they start ending up on the street and contributing to the homeless and needy problem. Perhaps they just throw all of the money up in the air and let God keep what he needs and they keep whatever hits the floor. There is no excuse for Alois Bell’s behavior. If you are not going to tip, don’t tip, but don’t right some BS excuse for why you didn’t tip either. It is an insult to the person you are asking to work for free, who owes you nothing, you POS. Tipping is not a city in China, it’s not something you do to cows in Cecil County, and it sure as hell isn’t an opportunity to give advice to someone who is cleaning up the mess you just made and handling food and utensils that have been in your dirty mouth. As the saying goes, “if you can’t afford to tip, stay home, you can’t afford to go out.” Furthermore, if you choose to go with a group of twenty people, having the server split the check 20 different ways does not get you out of paying the automatic gratuity that most restaurants add to the bill for parties of 8 (sometimes 6) or more. This policy is printed in almost every restaurant menu that you see. If it is there, you are required to pay it, just like you are required to pay the price for the food that you are ordering. You have an unwritten verbal contract when you place your order. If you are a Pastor try to view the servant, I mean your server, as a human being, not just a servant of Christ and remember that greed is one of the deadly sins. Jesus would treat the server with dignity, probably pay for entire group’s meal on one check, and then more than likely tip 30% because he felt bad about turning the ice waters into wine and all of that free bread into fish fillets. Ease up religious nuts. It’s that feeling of self-righteousness you’re feeling in the pit of your stomach right now that prompted this article in the first place. Just because your granny volunteers to hand out turkey dinners in the church basement doesn’t entitle you to bully or disrespect someone who is working hard, in a very undesirable job, to make a living. Your granny doesn’t know what it is like to try to make 20 people happy who are eating the slop that they serve at Applebee’s. I wouldn’t wish that experience on anyone…well, except maybe Alois Bell.

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  1. Applebees stinks anyway.

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