EA Sports Trolled The Shit Out Of The Seahawks When Questioned About Their Player Ratings

Sports and Bets — July 23, 2015 at 4:12 am by


Okay, hypothetical game here, if you could murder one person in sports who would it be?

You’d think the obvious choice would be Tom Brady, cause let’s face it, he’s a fuck boy. Bill Belichick should also be pretty high on your list, for obvious reasons. But those choices would be wrong. The correct answer would be Pete Carroll, because he single handedly gave the Patriots their 2015 Super Bowl rings. Opting to throw on the goal line instead of run with arguably the best running back in football ruined my life. If Pete Carroll’s head happened to end up on a spike would it really be the worst thing in the world?

So for this I love the fire from EA Sports. The Seahawks organization should question no one else’s decision making, ever. Put em in their place, EA.

h/t Devon

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