Duquette Made A “Steady Chevy” Deal For Scotty Feldman

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Well Orioles’ fans you spoke, and Dan Duquette listened.  This may not be the huge splash fans were hoping for, but the trade deadline isn’t here yet either, and maybe this is only just the appetizer before DD drops the porterhouse on us. One way or the other, this is a move that certainly answers the cries of fans complaining about both Pedro Strop’s and Jake Arrieta’s performance this year. The Orioles didn’t make this move to shut up complaining fans though; adding Scott Feldman is a solid move that immediately makes us a better ball club because it answers our obvious starting pitching needs.
What I can’t understand in this trade is how we managed to take all our garbage and yet still got a solid as concrete winning pitcher in return? Sure Strop and Arrieta have potential, and have shown flashes of greatness, but they have also shown more times than not that they cant live up to their own hype, and that “potential” doesn’t strike out batters or get through innings. So I’ve really got to give it Dan on this one. He pawned off a pair of guys most fans would have given away for a bag of balls, and somehow got us a legitimate starter, as well as a local catcher, Steve Clevenger (Mt. St Joseph), just to make sure we really robbed them.

The Birds got tired of trying to fix Strop and Arrieta.

The Birds got tired of trying to fix Strop and Arrieta.

Think about it like this. We gave the cubs two broken down sports cars. Sure once in a blue moon they ran like a Ferrari, and it sure looked like fun, but most days they had trouble starting, or were always breaking down on you, or needed constant maintenance and care, or were so temperamental  it seemed like they had a mind of their own.  What we got back was more like a Chevy Silverado, a dependable, reliable, and proven work horse than you can count on to start every time you turn the key and get the damn job done. It’s not the true “Ace” a lot of fans wanted to see us get, but it’s a huge step in the right direction. The starting rotation is our weakness, the front office is addressing it the best they can with hopefully more moves to come.  Also, “Aces” don’t exactly just grow on trees. If there is an Ace out there that we can get without giving up our future, I am sure Dan Duquette will get him here. Right now though there is a lot of baseball left to be played in a tight AL East and having a pitcher like Feldman (7-6 with 3.46 ERA) adds a ton of depth and gives us another guy we can rely on every 5th day to give us a shot to win. Lets not mistake who the Orioles are this year, these boys are mashing the ball and playing great defense. We don’t necessarily need starters that dazzle other teams or that are forced to win a pitcher’s dual everyday. We just need quality starts, and more often than not with the way this team hits, that will produce wins. Scott Feldman is an established veteran who can go out and do exactly that for us every time he takes the bump.

In his Orioles’ debut Feldman allowed two runs over six innings.  Steady Chevy.

scotty truck

…so they traded him for Scotty Steady Chevy

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