Duh, Why Wouldn’t Someone Get A Tattoo Of ‘Angry Mike’?

Entertainment — August 13, 2016 at 8:36 am by


Michael Phelps has dominated the Rio Olympics, but he also did the impossible. Maybe short lived, but he knocked the Michael Jordan meme off the throne. And we all know when something takes over the internet, somebody will ride that gravy train til the wheels fall off. Like getting a tattoo. Yea, this is weird. Michael Phelps will hear about this and pretend to be excited, but really, he is going to be creeped the fuck out…

 ESPN “I was out last night and a bunch of people were coming up to me, asking why I got it,” Fung said, “and I had to explain to them that looking at that is a good reminder every day to go out with focus and dominate like he did.”

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