Dude Who Caught 805 Pound Shark Might Not Get Record

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Shewww, this is quite the dilemma. You catch a massive ocean beast, and now you must decide if you want to be in the record books or take this perfect shark truck picture. Joey Polk told the NY Daily News that the International Land-Based Shark Fishing Association acknowledged he caught the largest mako, ever. The only problem is this message from the ILFSA website:

As of January 1st of 2012, the ILSFA will no longer promote or accept record applications for sharks not released. With that said, our respect and support for angler’s rights including decisions to legally possess fish remains.

More importantly there is this, from Joey:

“We tried to revive the fish and send him back out, but he was too  worn out to swim. That’s why we decided to keep him. We don’t do it for the  money, for the publicity, just to catch the fish.”

Reviving a 805 pound shark has to be a sight worth seeing…

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