Dude Puts Own Head Through Coffee Table. On Purpose.

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Gotta hand it to this guy.  What better way to show off in front of your friends, and some chicks, than by slamming your own head through a cheap coffee table?  Good stuff here.  What’s even better is how his buddy contorts him backwards after the guy’s head remains stuck in the coffee table.  Nothing like risking a sliced carotid artery or life long paralysis between friends!  No word yet on any elevated social status or whether this stunt got him any pussy.  Don’t laugh, I once fell down a long flight of stairs and that got me laid.  Of course that wasn’t on purpose, mine was a sympathy bang.  If this guy got some, it’s because he dominated Ikea.   He definitely deserves it more than I did.


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  1. This definitely got this guy laid. I knew a guy who dominated beer bottles by smashing them over his cranium. That stunt got him a steady stream of pussy.

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