Drunken Maryland State Trooper Allegedly Pulled Down Pants And Hung Dong In Front Of An Entire Restaurant

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This past Saturday night, August 16th, the Jarrettsville Pit barbeque restaurant in Harford County, Maryland was pretty much the place to be. The Harford County Police Sheriffs were called to respond to a report made against a Maryland State Trooper, who had allegedly gotten drunk, pulled his pants down, and began exposing himself to fellow bar patrons. Sounds like a good time. No one’s ever had a great night while keeping their pants on, and this trooper was just at the Jarresttville Pit to party.


The trooper’s name is not being released, and he denies showing dick. Upon being confronted, he showed Harford County officers that he had a pair of “black spandex briefs” on under his jeans, and therefore it was apparently impossible for him to have whipped his cock out. Buddy, I’m not buying it, and I doubt your colleagues were either. I fully believe you hung dong and brain for the whole bar to see, and that you were fully aware you were doing it. There’s no good reason to drop your pants to show off your undies, but there’s always a great reason to flash a little shaft. Why? Because it’s funny, and I don’t blame you for your actions.

This officer clearly gives zero fucks about who he offends, and I mean zero. I bet he’d do it again, given the chance. I might actually go hang out at The Jarrettsville Pit this weekend to see if I can get in on a piece of the action. I dare anyone to try to one-up this clown, or at least to try to match him, dick for dick.


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  1. Zack…great read….
    Now teach that DICKHEAD ……seatrout or whatever his handle is how to right or wright or rite or whatever.

  2. Also give the bass man a shout!
    I love him,
    Gay pride,I guess.

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