Drunken College Jackass Goes Bonkers After Not Getting Mac & Cheese

Humor — October 6, 2015 at 12:03 pm by

Holy smokes, this UConn student has to be the worst human being of all-time. We all love our drunken munchies, but Jesus Christ, learn to take a loss and live to fight another day. I don’t care how delicious that bacon, jalapeƱo mac and cheese tastes. That’s no excuse to repeatedly shove and insult a poor guy just trying to do his job. I was itching for that bald gentleman to drill that prick with a colossal right hand, but watching that other dude come out of nowhere with a textbook full nelson was a nice consolation prize. Enjoy the slammer and online college, ya dickbag. With this sucker going viral, you’ve just committed social suicide on every campus across the globe.

via Complex

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