Drunk, Super Bummed Dude On Bike Got Arrested Trying To Get Late Night Taco Bell

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First things first, that’s a phenomenal mug shot. He looks like the saddest man on the planet, and I can’t blame him. Last weekend, I went for some late night Taco Bell and they were out of beef. Felt like I got sucker punched in the stomach. Almost dropped to my knees and started screaming to the heavens, but then I pulled an audible so quick that it would’ve made Peyton weak in the knees. Housed a bunch of chicken tacos instead. Crisis averted.

Gabriel Harris, 33, of New Smyrna Beach, Florida wanted to drunkenly dominate some Taco Bell at 3 a.m. this past Sunday morning. The only problem for Gabriel was that he was trying to purchase his Fourthmeal by riding his bike in the drive-through. The Taco Bell employees refused to serve him because of this, so our pal Gabe refused to leave. They called the police, and Gabe’s night took a turn for the worse. From WFTV:

Reports said police found Harris sitting on the bicycle at the speaker. Police said as officers asked Harris to leave they spotted a Swiss Army knife on his belt loop. An officer reached for the knife, but Harris grabbed his wrist.The officer wrestled Harris to the ground and arrested him. Harris faces a charge of resisting arrest with violence.

They really couldn’t serve Gabe because he was on a bike? Give the poor guy a break. You’re working at a Taco Bell, not protecting an armored truck. You can let some shit slide every now and then. And I guarantee that if Lance Armstrong’s cheating, one-nut-having ass rode up on his bike they’d serve him. The common man never gets a fair shake these days. Thanks, Obama.

via WFTV & Gawker
cover pic: WFTV

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