Drunk Ole Miss Fan Sneaks Into Tennessee’s Press Conference

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No. 3 Ole Miss beat the hell out of Tennessee, 34-3, this past Saturday. One Ole Miss fan had such a good time at the ass-whipping that he wasn’t quite ready to go home. He decided to head into Tennessee’s post-game press conference and ask a question of his own. Here he is asking Tennessee quarterback Justin Worley about God knows what.



  I wish I had kept rolling after this because it was great stuff, but here’s a drunk Ole Miss fan interrupting Justin Worley and asking him a question at the presser tonight. View on Instagram

Just give that man his Pulitzer. Those are the types of hard-hitting questions that other so-called journalists are afraid to ask. But seriously, Saturday was a huge day for guys that talk with marbles in their mouths. First, there was Lou Holtz bringing the heat and now it’s this Ole Miss fan, who’s interview skills are only rivaled by his bourbon crushing skills. Ozzy Osbourne ought to drop a new single right now, featuring Mushmouth and Kenny. The iron couldn’t be any hotter for guys who can’t enunciate worth a damn. 

via Deadspin
cover pic: Bleacher Report

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