Drunk Guy Falls Asleep Halfway Up 70ft Bridge

News — June 5, 2013 at 2:27 pm by

Ivan Tolvich, 28, had to be rescued by emergency crews after passing out halfway up a 70ft high bridge in Belgrade, Serbia. The partygoer clearly didn’t fancy the walk home after a wild night out and so decided to take a nap on a 4ft wide steel girder instead. A splitting headache was luckily all the sleepy party animal had to worry about after a shocked pedestrian called the emergency services.One rescuer said it was a ‘very delicate operation’. ‘The last thing we wanted was to wake him up suddenly because he might fall off,’ he added. ‘So we crept up on him quietly and made sure we got a safety harness around him before we brought him round.’ A police spokesman said: ‘A 28-year-old man who had been drinking was rescued from the Sava Bridge. ‘He hasn’t really been very clear about how and why he got there.’ [metro]

This is the power of booze at it’s finest… Good ol’ Ivan got hammered, and was most likely convinced his plan was genius. Like most alcohol induced decisions, this stunt was cut short by a recovery nap. When you’re drunk and tired, the last thing you give a shit about is your sleeping arrangements.

PS Does this mean Ivan did this whole partying thing right?


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