Drunk Falcons Fan Dances, Talks Trash, Drops N-Bomb

Humor, Sports and Bets — December 29, 2014 at 2:01 pm by

The Panthers may have won the battle, but this lady clearly won the war. You can keep your stupid NFC South title, you nonflying jabronis. She’s a God damn Falcon, and she will fly over your dead motherfucking Panther ass. You may be able to win a football game every now and then, but you can’t argue against science like that. That shit’s irrefutable. I was bummed to hear her drop that N-bomb, though. How could such a classy, talented dancer with so much knowledge about anatomy use such a hurtful word? Shocking stuff. And as breathtaking as her arm flapping was, she’s no Joseph Gordon-Levitt. The king stay the king, sweetheart.


via Deadspin


  1. this woman is a joke of a human being

  2. But it’s ok cuz it was with an A not a R, rite . Fuck no it’s not rite No One should use the word No One no matter what color.

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