Drunk Driver Gets His Car Stuck In The Pedestrian Lane On The Golden Gate Bridge

News — December 4, 2014 at 1:07 pm by


22-year-old Daniel Soto had himself a night after wedging his Mustang in between a couple of rails in the pedestrian lane while attempting to drive over the Golden Gate Bridge. He blew a .12.

Said Priva Clemens, Bridge Direct spokeswoman- “The driver came down through the parking lot at this incredibly fast rate of speed, got up onto the sidewalk, managed to crash through one barrier and then through a steel gate, go another 400 yards or so before getting himself wedged between the sidewalk rail and a median on the other side.”

Did he think he was in the vehicle lane, or did he just not give a shit that he wasn’t, and hope he was going to make it all the way through? You’d think once it got really tight in there, he wouldn’t keep hitting the gas.

Serves you right boss. There’s no excuse for drunk driving, ever. This aspiring police officer probably won’t be getting his dream job anytime soon.

via CBS San Francisco

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