Drunk Cowboy Arrested On Horseback

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When life hands you lemons, you saddle up and ride. This guy had no drivers license, so determined to make his brothers wedding 600 miles away, he hopped on his trusty horse. Monday afternoon, Colorado police received reports that there was a drunk cowboy on horseback. Patrick Neal Schumacher, was arrested on four charges, including  animal cruelty, after he reportedly hit his horse numerous times. According to a news release, “Officers observed that the rider was slumped to his right side as he crossed streets and forced pedestrians off the sidewalk.” Patrick was accused of hitting his horse, but he claims he was simply swatting off flies.


To make matters worse, Patrick was riding shitfaced. Schumacher failed all roadside intoxication tests, and was storing beer cans in his saddlebag. Naturally, he had a saddlebag.

Even worse, he was packing a small black powder pistol. If you are hitting the town on horseback, you might as well own a gun that resembles this:



The allegedly drunk cowboy also had a small pug riding along with him, named Bufford.



Update: Boulder Police have released a man suspected of going on a drunken horseback ride through Boulder.


via HuffPo

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