Drink For The Ravens

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It’s the Super Bowl and the Ravens Are In It, Might As Well Have a Drink

My guide for you to have an amazing Super Bowl Sunday and watch our Ravens win the big game

By Marco Romanell

The Super Bowl is just a couple of days away and certainly Baltimore will be partying as we cheer on our Ravens in the Super Bowl.  Whether it’s attending a Super Bowl party or going out to the bars, there are definitely going to be a lot of adult beverages consumed.  What better way to enjoy the Super Bowl than playing the Super Bowl Drinking game.

To complete this game you will need copious amount of booze, the desire to have fun or be weak minded enough to drink just because I am telling you to.


If the opening coin flip is tails– sit on the floor and sip a beer, in this case tails definitely fails, however it’s going to be a long day so just sip your beer.

Every time they show Ray Lewis when he is not involved in the play– drink for 52 seconds

For every Ray Lewis sack, forced turnover, tackle for loss– do the Ray Lewis dance then drink for 5 seconds

I heard he used something called Deer Antler Spray; I’m not buying that– either way make antlers with your fingers on your head then drink  for 5 second

Whenever it’s mentioned that John and Jim are brothers- take 2 sips of 2 beers, I mean they are brothers so you can’t just sip one beer.

Whenever the Harbaugh parents are shown– find the oldest bottle of liquor you own and take a shot. Extra points if it’s Old Grand Dad, that’s just a fitting title.

Every time Hurricane Katrina, the city of New Orleans or the fact that Ed Reed is from there gets mentioned– make your own version of Hurricane and enjoy (side note, this will probably be the last thing you remember, I hear those things are strong)

Whenever Jim Harbaugh goes insane over a penalty– just laugh at him an be thankful we have the better coach (you can choose to drink at leisure if you want)

Did you know Colin Kaepernick was adopted and wrote a letter to himself when he was like 9 years old? If you didn’t you will definitely know by the end of this game– drink for 49 seconds every time this is mentioned

Beyonce is really hot- drink for 30 seconds during halftime just because she is THAT hot (extra points if you happen to be playing a Jay- Z song while doing it)

Every time Joe Flacco and the word “elite” are mentioned- find your most elite bottle of liquor and take a shot….do it for Joe.

For every Ravens field goal– Drink for 3 seconds

A Ravens touchdown– drink for 7 seconds

For every point scored by the Ravens– drink for that many seconds; for example if they kick a field goal and those are the only 3 points they scored up to that point drink 3 for the field goal then 3 more for the total points scored, simple math not hard to figure out, unless of course you are drunk by this point.

For every Joe Flacco td– give a big middle finger to everyone who doubted him then drink for 5 seconds


If you are off work tomorrow I highly recommend this game, if not, feel free to do it anyway but don’t blame me if you call out


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