Draft Day: The Movie NFL Draft Nerds Have Been Yearning For

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by Babes

Let’s face it,  die-hard NFL fans have been yearning for a movie to be made about the NFL draft for years.

Speaking of yearning, do you yearn?


Anyway, yes, some flicks have touched on the draft, but never has a movie been made that was based entirely on the subject.  That’s what we have in Draft Day starring Kevin Costner, Jennifer Garner, and Denis Leary.  And as a hard NFL fan myself, I was highly entertained by the movie.

Kevin Costner plays Sonny Weaver Jr., the general manager of the Cleveland Browns.  Costner plays the shit out of this role, as he is totally believable as a real NFL GM.  More than half of the movie is him on the phone with various other NFL executives and he encapsulates exactly how I perceive those conversations go.  “I didn’t say that.”  “But you didn’t say no either.”  I’m a huge Kevin Costner fan, so maybe I’m being a little biased, but I really enjoyed his performance.  Excuse me, I need to take this….

The movie does a great job portraying the Cleveland Browns franchise and their historical struggles.   Draft Day touches on the back story of the Browns leaving, and the angst of their still rabid fan base.  Yes some of the plot lines seem a bit far-fetched and spruced up for Hollywood, but overall the story feels genuine and believable.

This Brown fail from the 1987 AFC Championship Game sums up what being a Browns fan is probably like.  Fumble!

Costner is faced with the ever impossible decision of whom to draft with the number one pick, which he is bullied into acquiring by his owner, played by the always fabulous Frank Langella.  He has the choice of a franchise quarterback, a game changing running back, or a dynamic pass rusher.  All three of the players personal stories are examined to different degrees in the movie, but the majority of the story is based on studying star quarterback Bo Callahan, who everyone deems the best QB prospect to come out since Andrew Luck. ( A huge part of this movie’s success is based on the fact that they were given permission to use actual NFL players and real NFL team names.)  Costner tells his war room scouts and coaches to find something on this QB prospect, and it’s cool how they show him investigating the smallest things like who showed up to his 21st birthday party, and how one team tapes a dollar bill to the back page of the play book they send the players to see if they really read the whole thing.

Denis Leary is great playing the big time head coach that was just hired away from a Super Bowl winning Dallas team.  He spends most of the movie in Costner’s ear about how he likes the incumbent QB, and how he needs a big time running back to fit his system.  Leary provides most of the comic relief that is sprinkled in throughout the movie as well.

Speaking of Leary, here’s a great scene of his from the movie Suicide Kings:

To the average moviegoer, this flick might not be one to run to the theater and see, but all football fans will thoroughly enjoy this movie.  There’s even a little cameo by our boy Ray Ray.  Overall, I definitely recommend Draft Day, as it’s a great way to get you even more excited for the real upcoming draft.

And Garner is a babe, babes.


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