Dont Give Up On Davis Just Yet

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Before the 2014 season got underway, I warned O’s Fans not to expect a repeat of Chris Davis’ magical 2013 season. I don’t like being right on this one, but it’s pretty clear that I am. From pissed off fans in the bars to crazy callers on talk radio, it seems like many O’s fanatics are now ready to trade Davis away for a bag of balls. Not so fast, orange and black lunatics. Here is why……

Chris’ current .200 batting average  is alarmingly awful and is well below where he finished last season at .286. More under the radar though, it the fact that Davis also posted a .270 average in 2012 and a .266 figure in 2011. These numbers lead me to believe that while Chris’ average won’t approach .300 again (near impossible anyway considering his first half),  his average will rise to his career mean as the season continues. He’s not garbage, he’s just slumping.

More importantly than Chris’ batting average is his on-base percentage. Average just doesn’t tell the entire story. I don’t want to go to sabermetric on you here, folks, but lets talk about this ON BASE PERCENTAGE. Hitting is one way to get on base, and walking is another. Some players like Davis take a lot of walks and others don’t. Davis’ good eye gets him a lot of free passes, and those are just as good as a hit. Getting on base is all that matters. You can’t score if you’re not on base, right? Pitchers also know he has power and aren’t giving him meatballs down the middle and Davis takes advantage of that by drawing walks. Davis’s on base percentage is .320 (which ranks 101 first best in baseball). It’s not phenomenal, but it’s not terrible. When you look at JJ Hardy for instance his .288 Batting average looks MUCH better than Chris’s .205. When you compare on base percentage though Davis’ sits at .312 vs Hardy’s .311.  If Crush can get his batting average back up to .250 or so, the walks will produce a lot of good things for this team after the All-Star break.

Also not every player in a lineup is there for the same reason. Some guys are there to bat .300 and steal bases and others are there to hit the long ball. Davis is there to hit for power. Even after missing some time and slumping this season, Davis still has 14 home runs. Only 26 players in baseball have more 14 home runs right now.

The bottom line is that, YES, Davis needs to get his batting average up. But he’s still a solid first baseman who gets on base and hits for power. The Orioles are in first place as is and pretty soon Davis will break out of his current slump. When that happens lookout AL EAST . When the hits do come, the same O’s fans who are ragging on him now will be buying his jersey again.

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