Don’t Give In Guys…Just Because JJ Is On DWS Dosen’t Mean We Have To Watch

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Dancing With The Stars is a grueling competition in which B- level stars and A-level athletes learn how to dance like pros.  I understand that professional dancing is extremely difficult.  I also understand that it takes an incredible amount of strength, dexterity, and stamina to be a good dancer.  Many athletes including Jerry Rice, Emmitt Smith, and the hated Hines Ward, have claimed that D.W.S was the most difficult thing they have ever done.  I understand that my fat ass can’t do it.  I get it.  I also see and realize that someone from my favorite sports team on the planet is on the show.  I know that this same player is the one who caught the biggest TD in Raven history during the Denver playoff game.  I am also aware that he scored two huge TD’s in the damn Super Bowl. But that doesn’t mean I have to watch goddamn Dancing With the Stars . Lucky for me, my lady isn’t into Dancing With the Stars, but believe me, I  know the exact conversation that many of you married or involved dudes are going to have once this show starts.

Her:  “Babe are you going to watch Dancing With the Stars with me tonight?”

You:  “No, I would rather you kick me in the nuts 5 times than watch that bullshit.”

Her:  “But the Raven guy is on it, don’t you like the Ravens?”

You:  “Yes, I like the Ravens.”

Her:  “Don’t you want to see him do well on the show?”

You:  “I just don’t want him to get hurt, I actually can’t believe teams allow their players to do this crap.”

Her:  “Well just watch it when he is on.”

You:  “God help me”

Sorry sweet-ums, watching one of my favorite football players put glitter covered tights on and jump all around the set of the cheesiest show on TV isn’t my idea of entertainment.  In fact I find it disturbing.  I want to see Jacoby making plays and breaking tackles, I don’t need to see him doing the Cha-Cha in front of the squealing and giggling  judges.  I didn’t watch the show before, and I won’t watch it now.

This does not mean we don’t wish Jacoby the best.  We hope he wins.  I just don’t want to watch the show.

By the way Jones has been installed as a 7-1 shot to win the show.  (by Which may actually be a decent value bet considering how many athletes have done well on the show. (Not that I would know.)  Here’ some of Jacoby’s  football moves and dances during this incredible season.



I mean we hate the Steelers, but we can admit that a lot of their fan base has hardened blue collar roots just like us here in Baltimore.  How do you think the guy who put in 35 years at a Pittsburgh steel mill felt about this?

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So stay away and just say no.  Because one glimpse, and who knows, you may end up liking it.


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