Dont Cry Over Burnt Toast AKA Jim Johnson

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Maybe that’s not exactly how the saying goes, but I think it works. It wasn’t that long ago Jim Johnson was blowing saves left and right, along with the Orioles season. I wanted to bring back public stonings and Seabass gave Johnson the new nickname of Burnt Toast.  There wasn’t an O’s fan to be found who didn’t want to personally curse Jim out before sending him packing. Well, be careful what you wish for O’s fans. This time you got it.

Since the new’s broke, I’ve heard Orioles fans moaning and groaning about the Orioles trading Johnson away. The same guy who was Baltimore’s most hated man mid-season now has Oriole fans sad to see him leave. The Chode is here to tell you that there’s no reason to cry over burnt toast though.  Here’s why.

 1) Don’t Buy Into The Save Total Theory:

Saves are a stat that are based on opportunities. Buck kept handing Jim the ball no matter how bad he looked the day before. Anyone will rack up enough saves if they are given the chances. The Orioles have played in a lot of close games, meaning there were a lot of save opportunities. Focus on Jim’s other stats last year instead of his save total, his 9 blown saves, 3-8 record, and damn near 3 ERA.


2) It’s All About the Benjamins Baby:

We’re are not a small Market team, but we’re also not the Red Sox or Yankees. Johnson is set to make $10-$11 million next year. Very few, if any, closers are worth that kind of money, let alone a guy coming off a rough year. No Thanks.


3) We Have a Lot of Holes to Fill:

I still feel strongly that the Orioles are in a good position to remain competitive next year. That said, we do have a few gaping holes to fill. 2nd base? Left field? DH? Ace?… get the point. We have bigger things to worry about than JJ.


4) We Got More Than a Bag of Balls:

It doesn’t sound like fan are thrilled with Jemile Weeks and the player to be named later we received in return for JJ. Ever heard the saying, “beggars can’t be choosers”? 2nd baseman Weeks had a great rookie year in 2011 and hasn’t ever been that guy since. He’s not going to set the world on fire, but it won’t hurt to add more depth to the competition at 2nd base. Honestly, at JJ’s low point last year most of us probably would have been happy with the bag of balls.

The biggest issue O’s fans seem to have is that this is classic Peter Angelos pretending to be Johnny Short Pockets and not wanting to pay anyone. That’s not the case. Jim Johnson isn’t the guy to pay. I still think Dan and Buck are going to have Peter signing some big checks before the off-season is over. Have faith. They have gotten us this far.

“Open up that Wallet you cheap Prick”

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