Dogs Are Straight-Up Murdering Deer In Anne Arundel County (Allegedly)

Featured, News — March 11, 2014 at 5:02 pm by

By now you’ve probably heard that Southern Middle School was closed today because two dogs chased three deer into the school and murdered them.  Well, they actually only killed one but the other two also had bite marks on them and they were euthanized by animal control and police.  This is some crazy shit.  Did the deer owe the dogs money?  Is this a drug deal gone bad?  Are the Mutt Crips and the Antler Bloods at war over territory in A.A. county?  Seriously though, a Lab and a German Shepard were hungry enough, or crazed enough,  to chase down some freakin’ deer?  Damn.  And the deer, they knew it was comin’. You don’t run and smash through a glass door for the hell of it.  Ugly, babes.  The dog’s attorney had no comment at this time.


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