Dog Walks Up And Lifts His Leg On A Guy Sitting On The Curb Like He’s A Fire Hydrant

Sports and Bets — October 17, 2017 at 2:07 pm by


Most people would say that it’s a man’s right that he should be able to sit on the sidewalk, turn on his phone, and swipe right a few times without the fear of a dog lifting his leg on you. And that’s a fair argument. I’d like to think that I can do anything in this world without the fear of a dog pissing down my back. But I’d make another, much more logical argument, and that’s that the guy deserved it.  Why did he deserve it? If you’re willing to sit down, in your clean clothes that you plan on continuing to wear all day, on that dirty street, with pigeons, run down buildings, and multiple stray dogs , then you deserve to be pissed on. Ask how many times I’ve ever sat down on a city sidewalk in my life. Zero. Not a single time. Why, cause city sidewalks are gross, and full of dog piss, loogies, used band aids, and whatever the fuck else goes on there. Nothing good happens when you sit down in the middle of a city. Fact.


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