Does Anyone Want The Second Wild Card? Cause I Sure As Hell Do.

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The Rangers are continuing to shit the bed, and the Indians are losing 7-1 to the Royals in the eighth inning as I write this.  If that score holds up that means the Orioles are only 2 games out of the second wild card with 13 games to play.  With the way everyone around them is playing that’s perfectly doable.

Just a few days ago I wrote that the Birds had to go 11-4 to get into the playoffs.  They split the last two will the Blue Jays, which means in my old estimation they have to go 10-3 to get to the magical number of 89 wins.  (I picked 89 wins with a bullshit thought process that I won’t bore you with.)  But, with the way everyone else is playing it may only take 87 wins to make it.  8-5 down the stretch and you’re in the playoff?  Maybe.  The Rangers seem done.  It’s odd to say, but now we have to root for the Rays to sweep ’em.  Kick ’em while they’re down, and the Texas club might just disappear.  But they may not be the opponent we need to worry about anyway.  Cleveland has a cupcake schedule after their current three game set with Kansas City.  But they’re Cleveland, and well, Cleveland sucks, so hopefully they can just choke on their opportunity.

Hey Cleveland…

So that leaves the Birds.  We have a brutal schedule left, starting with three up in Boston.  The Orioles haven’t played worth a shit lately against good teams.  The Red Sox and Rays both took two out of three from the O’s last month, and those teams are our next two opponents.  It’s put up or shut up times against the big boys.  First things first, we have to take two out of three from Boston.

Remember how sick playoff baseball was last fall?  We need it back.  I want to freeze my ass off in 40 degree weather in Camden Yards, dammit.  So go get after it Birds.  This is it.  The door has been left open just a crack.  Kick that shit down and take what is ours.

Wild Bill Hagy would love the 2nd wild card.

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