Did The O’s Botch What Could Have Been An Epic Walk-Off Celebration?

Sports and Bets — June 24, 2014 at 8:49 am by

Not to be a Donnie Downer here, but the Birds need to get it together when it comes to their walk-off celebrating.  Frankly, I’m done with the jump around home plate like a gaggle of bunnies thing.  It’s getting old.  Chris Davis must feel the same way because he had a trick up his sleeve.  Notice how Davis rolled his batting helmet into home plate, duckpin bowling style.  Great idea, except the rest of the team needed to fall down when the helmet reached home.  You know, like a bunch of bowling pins.

The last Orioles pinch-hit, walk off home run was mashed by Larry Sheets and that was in August of 1988.  It has been a minute since this has been done. A well orchestrated bowling alley celebration would have been epic. Huge.  On ESPN every five minutes.  C’mon man!

Love the moment, love the pinch-hit walk off for the win, but the celebration needs some work, babes…..


At least Adam Jones has the pie thing down to a science…

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  1. They can celebrate however they want to celebrate – This isn’t performance art – This is baseball – and they kicked ass at it. End of discussion.

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