Did ESPN’s Brian Windhorst Fall Asleep During His Live Segment?

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Falling asleep on live television is a rare feat I’m not sure I’ve seen before. But let’s be honest, if anyone was going to fall asleep on the air, it had to be Windhorst, right? If you’re thinking about which sports guys might fall asleep on tv, BW has to be one of the first that comes to mind. I mean, obviously it’s gonna be a fat guy, and Chris Berman seems like he’s too jacked up on like twelve cups of coffee and is too high on life to ever fall asleep, even at night. So Brian Windhorst has to be the guy. And it looks like he nailed it.



ESPN’s most likely to fall asleep during live television Power Rankings:

5. Mike Ditka- Ditka’s just the definition of DGAF.

4. Chris Berman- Like I said, probably would never happen cause he loves life too much, but Boomer looks like he eats bacon four meals a day and that’ll tire any man out.

3. Antonio Davis- Bit of a wild card, cause he’s not fat and he has that working against him, but I can’t stay awake when he talks so I don’t know why he’d be able to.

2. ┬áJohn Kruk- I’m pretty sure Kruk’s been asleep since he started working at ESPN.

1. Brian Windhorst- Clearly the most likely, on account of it just happened.





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