Dickie V LIGHTS UP Lavar Ball On Twitter

Sports and Bets — May 5, 2017 at 9:11 am by



Death, taxes, and Dickie V lighting suckers up on Twitter. I don’t have to get into how dislikable Lavar Ball is, and how ridiculous it is that his Payless-looking shoes are selling for just shy of half a grand. Everybody knows what a clown this guy Is. Leave it to American hero Dickie V to roast the fuck out of this loser on Twitter without batting an eye. Got to feel bad for Lonzo here, but personally I can’t wait until he’s a huge bust and his dad goes crawling back into a cave.


The shoe in question (absolutely laugh out loud funny at “the sports world is forever changed”):


PS- How outrageous is it that Lavar is straight up saying these are only for people with a lot of money and if you can’t afford them then you shouldn’t be allowed to have them touch your feet?

PPS- I wouldn’t wear these shoes if I got them for free. Seriously barely a step up from the Curry 2 dad shoes.

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