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I almost called 911 last night because Dez Wells was killing Ryan Kelly.  Duke’s latest great white hope was completely dominated by the quicker and more athletic Wells as the sophomore guard led Maryland past the Blue Devils in the ACC Tournament Quaterfinals.  Dez Wells was freakin’ everywhere early, slashing to the basket and draining threes.  It was an incredible first half performance and it sparked this young Terps team out to a double digit first half lead.  Maryland never looked back and sustained both of Duke’s second half runs to seemingly cruise to victory.  The game was really never in doubt and it was an odd feeling to say the least.  As a fan who has followed this team closely, I kept waiting for the collapse to happen.  You know what the hell I’m talking about.  The turnovers start piling up, the refs start going into “we gotta give this fucking game to Duke” mode. But it never happened.  The Terps looked like they had that ice water flowing through their veins last night.

So now that we’ve  beat the snot out of the Rat King Coach K and his evil minions, it’s onto Carolina, who destroyed an outmanned Florida State in the Quarters.  If the Terps play as well defensively as they did last night, they will beat UNC easily.  That’s right, I said easily.  Carolina  can’t matchup with us down low.  Hopefully Coach Turgeon sticks with his big men tonight,  and doesn’t go messing around with those extended 3 and 4 guard sets.  Maryland is so much better when Charles Mitchell and Shaq Cleare are getting minutes.  They proved it again last night, setting the tone on defense with tough physical play and dominant rebounding.

It’s always good to beat the hated Blue Devils, and I really believe last night’s win got us into the NCAA tourney.  But I goddamn hate CarolIna too, and now I want assurance of post season play.  I’m getting greedy.  Knocking off both these bastards would be incredibly sweet.  Not to mention, two more wins and we won’t have to worry about any damn selection committee, the tourney appearance would be automatic.  So in the immortal words of the manager in the movie Major League, who’s name is escaping me somehow, “let’s go win the whole fucking thing”!




  1. Great article…The snot ,if it wasn’t totally beaten out of them,was definitly dripping from their collective noses when they left the court….

  2. That game was so friggin awesome. Terps were the better team it was amazing to watch. Play the BIGGS! I agree totally. Pound em down low and on the boards.

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