Dez Goes Off, Terps Bash CCSU 93-57

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Dez Wells went for 27 points in just 25 minutes as the Terps demolished another early season cupcake in Central Connecticut State at the Xfinity Center on Monday night.  Wells showed off both his athleticism and versatility last night as he dominated from anywhere and everywhere on the floor- he simply couldn’t be stopped.   Whether Dez was slashing to the hoop, throwing down a dunk, or jacking a three, the pill was falling.  Wells ended up 10-15 from the field, and he threw in 2 rebounds and 2 assists for good measure.


Wells wasn’t the only Terp who played well. Jake Layman threw in 14 points and grabbed four boards in another nice all-around effort.  Dion Wiley impressed off the bench, scoring 10 and logging five rebounds and two assists.  All-in-all it was a nice team effort for the Terps, who are running Coach Turgeon’s newly installed offense very well.

If one had to nit-pick, one could address the CCSU 16-4 run late in the first half that cut the Maryland lead to six.  But that gleam of hope for CCSU was short lived, as the Terps put on the press and created four quick points off of their defense.  Then Dion Wiley nailed a three from the wing and the short-lived threat from CCSU was squashed.


In the second half the Terps poured it on, hitting six of their first ten three-bombs of the half and dominating both sides of the floor.  Maryland put his one away early- as they should of.  This is CCSU’s coach.  This is his we’re getting killed face…..

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Matt Mobley played his butt off for CCSU, scoring 24 and abusing the Maryland guards who tried to defend him.  Without him, CCSU would have lost this game by 50 or 60.

It’s obvious the path that Maryland is going to have to take to being competitive against stronger competition.  This will be a run and gun perimeter team.  The good news is that Maryland has the shooters to pull this off and Coach Turgeon has adjusted his offense to fit this profile.  Wells, Layman, Wiley, Nickens, Trimble and Pack can all shoot and the offense features a lot of cutting and moving parts which are designed to create space for these shooters and one on one opportunities for the slashers.  In two games against soft competition, Maryland looks good running this offense.  The shots are falling, the threes are falling, and the Terps, especially Dez Wells, are taking the ball to the hoop when given the opportunity.

It’s fun to watch a Maryland team that finally has an assortment of shooters.  In recent history it seems that Maryland has had to rely on just one or two guys from the perimeter.  If those guys had an off night- the Terps were screwed from the guard position.  Now it seems that there are five or six guys who can hit from anywhere on the floor at anytime.  Last night, the Terps hit 10 three pointers, and those shots came from six different players.  Bombs away, babes.

We’ll see how this, and Maryland’s lack of a dominant big man, translates to greater competition and later to the Big 10. The Terps seem to have gelled quickly and, for now at least, have seemed to buy what Coach Turgeon is selling.  Let’s go.

Maryland plays Fordham on Thursday before facing Arizona State on Monday.

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