Despite The Inconvenient Drive, Atlantic City Is Still Worth Your Time

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I don’t know if it’s the bright lights, the smell of the ocean air, or the buildup of excitement that the drive to Atlantic City brings to me, but I still love going there.  Yes, it’s true, I have a perfectly fine casino literally on my way home from work right here in Maryland, but it’s nowhere near the same.  There’s a pulsing wave of energy that smacks you in the face when you hit that ten miles to AC sign on the expressway, and it intensifies when you can start to see the faint beams of light from the casinos.  It’s a great feeling too when you ride into town, park your car in front of the casino door, toss the valet the keys with an Abe Lincoln, and walk into the place like Nick Papageorgio.  Hell yeah, I love AC.

Caesar’s and Nick Papageorgio
It’s a whole new ball game up there now too because they have so much more competition.  I literally pass three casinos on my way, so they now have to fight to earn my business.  In the past, they knew they were basically the only game outside of the Indian reservations on the East Coast, so they could be tight with comps and rooms and such.  Now Caesars is sending me three free nights a month, plus a $150 dinner credit just to stay there, and I’m really not Nick Papageorgio or anything like that.


Caesars is a great hotel because it’s right in the middle of everything in downtown Atlantic City.  It’s not new by any means, but it’s relatively nice and very inexpensive compared to the other newer hotels.  I did get my room for free, but for the non-
Nick Papageorgio’s of the world, the rooms are about half the cost of staying at the Borgata or Revel.  There are several very nice restaurants in Caesar’s including Morton’s and Nero’s Steakhouses.  This trip we decided to try Nero’s, which was lovely.  Our table overlooked the Atlantic Ocean, which can never be bad, and the food was fantastic.  I was up at the tables, so I decided to treat myself to the whole Maine lobster topped with jumbo lump crab;  the thing was the size of a small child.  Needless to say, dinner was fabulous.


After dinner we decided to peruse the other popular casinos on the main strip.  In honor of our boy Ray Rice we hit Revel first.  Revel is Atlantic City’s newest hotel and casino and it’s evident, as the place is mesmerizing.  You can easily tell that the place is new, as the red beams of light that engulf the casino give off a very hipster/cosmopolitan vibe.  We had a few drinks, dropped some tasteless Ray Rice jokes, and collectively took the Revel for about a G.  It was an excellent way to finance the rest of the evening.

Normal pose at Revel:

…and Rice-ing  (mandatory tasteless Ray Rice joke)

The Trop

From there we cabbed it over to the Tropicana, home of the Quarter, as it’s to referred to.  The Quarter is a collection of shops, restaurants, and bars all with different themes.  All ready to cater to whatever you desire.  We stopped at the Cuba Libre for drinks and a quick  round of woo-woo’s before attacking a club right off of the Casino floor.  The only thing I remember about the club was that it was a 70’s/80’s themed disco if you will, and that, despite that theme, it was actually really fun.  I can’t quite recall if I had a better time drunk dancing in the club, or winning five bills on the blackjack table right outside the club.  The best part about the blackjack session was that it was abruptly ended for me because some drunk blonde spilled a beer all over the table.  It turned out to be the perfect exit strategy because I probably would have given all my winnings back.


Around midnight we headed back to Caesars in a haze for one last gambling session.  That’s when I discovered the “Asian” gaming room, and that’s where I sat down for a lovely Pai-Gow poker session.  Pai-card bottom hand and a two card top hand.  You then play only against the dealer and have to beat both their hands to win, or lose both your hands to lose.  If you split then you push, and that’s what seems to happen at least 60 percent of the time.  It’s a great game to play for a long time and not lose a ton of money at while enjoying a few free drinks from the casino.  Another winning session capped a great night and it was off to bed.

White House Sub Shop

The last staple of any AC trip has to be to stop for cheesesteaks at White House sub shop.  The place is famous for their top-notch quality meats and fresh-baked bread, and it’s so old school that they only take cash.  When you look down the line at the cooks, you just know they’re gonna cook you a legit sub.  If you’ve never had the pleasure, put it on your list Babes, it’s worth it.

Overall, the point is that I still get much more enjoyment from going to AC than from any casino around here.  It’s not a thing of the past for me, at least not yet.

Plus, if The Boss says we go, we go, babes.

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