Derek Jeter Is Retiring After This Season. So Here Are Our Favorite Jeter Internet Moments.

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So Derek Jeter is going to hang up the cleats after this season.  I say good riddance.  Sure, Jeter is a great ballplayer and a future Hall of Famer, but he’s been a massive pain in the ass to Baltimore fans for the better part of two decades.  Personally, I can’t wait to boo him at Camden Yards this summer.  Anyway, here are some of Jeter’s best moments.

Here’s Jeter wearing the shirt with the biggest V-Neck ever:

Here’s Jeter trying real hard at batting practice:

Here he is with A-Rod:

Again with A-rod:
Here is Jeter chillin’ in a big pile of shit:
Here he is in drag:
Here’s Jeter drunk off of half a Corona:
We don’t know what the hell is going on here:
Here is Jeter looking like he is moments away from collapsing due to sickness and exhaustion (no wonder he’s retiring): 
….and of course the all time best Jeter pic ever:

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  1. Way to pass out before banging the underage whores Jeter.

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