Derek Jeter Could Owe $16,000 For Receiving All His Gifts

Sports and Bets — September 24, 2014 at 2:14 pm by

Because Yankee legend Derek Jeter has been given all these farewell gifts, which are estimated to be valued at around $32,000, he now may be required to pay up to 16 G’s in state and federal taxes.  Teams have been giving Jeter random collections of junk all season, like a custom kayak, and cowboy boots, and my bet is that he’d rather just keep his 16k.


The Orioles gave Jeter some small trinkets, such as crabs, an oversized mallet, and a captains hat, but their primary gift was a $10,000 donation to Jeter’s charity, the Turn 2 Foundation, to educate children on how to live healthily. I’d venture to say that this was among Derek’s favorite gifts, but who knows, maybe he prefers the framed Reds’ jerseys from Cincinnati.


via Chicago Tribune, Newsday

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