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Despite the fact that the outcome of the MLB All Star Game determines home field advantage for the World Series, many people will tell you that they have little interest in the mid-summer classic, and even less in the HR Derby. This year though, if you’re an Orioles’ fan, the All Star break has a much different feel than in previous years. On top of sending 5 players to the classic, we’ve got our hottest hitter headlining the derby.

Tejada 2004

Tejada 2004

It seems like forever ago when Miguel Tejada won the 2004 Home Run Derby while representing the Baltimore Orioles. What makes this year’s Derby different though is that we don’t just have a horse in the race, we’ve got a phenom. Chris’ first half of the season has been historic in many ways, and on the eve of the Derby he’s as hot as ever,  homering in 4 straight games.  His 37 home runs leads all of baseball. Sure, that’s great and all, but it’s not just the numbers. He makes it look as easy as pie, hitting dingers to all parts of the park without ever seeming to exert any effort.  His simple, pure swing is a thing of beauty, and the ball just seems to go, and go, and go. That’s how you get a name like Crush, and I can not wait to see what the Hulk like hitter has in store for us tomorrow.

As a kid I can remember being excited for the Derby, like it was something of the Super Bowl’s magnitude, growing more and more astonished and amazed by every power shot that soared out of the park. We can’t go back to being kids, but something about Crush’s raw power and endless supply of home runs seem to take a you back to feeling like that again.  So while the HR Derby isn’t exactly the World Series, it doesn’t have to be.  Just enjoy it for what it is.  Sit back, relax, root on Crush, and get lost watching the best of baseball hit the long ball.

Florida Marlins v New York Mets


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