Dashcam: Tesla Autopilot Feature Senses Accident Before It Happens

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2016 is coming to an end, and as the years pass, technology is continuously boggling my brain. In this recent upload to YouTube, dashcam footage shows  the Tesla Autopilot feature basically predicting an accident. The car was able to sense the cars ahead pumping their brakes, and ended up avoiding the collision that followed.

DVHardware One of the new features of the Tesla Autopilot since version 8.0 is that the system’s radar can now see ahead of the car in front of you and track two cars ahead on the road. By bouncing underneath or around the vehicle in front of you, the radar can sense things that get obstructed from the view by the leading vehicle. As you can see and hear in the video below, the Tesla Autopilot system registered that the SUV in front of the lead car was braking hard and the system recognized this as a major danger. The Forward Collision Warning send out an audible warning close to two seconds before the lead car slammed into the SUV and activated emergency braking well in time.

Technology, man. Although these advances are incredible, they will surely dumb us down.

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