Dad Shoots His Son In The Ass Because He Drank His Orange Juice

News — March 23, 2015 at 1:35 pm by


WCBV– Police in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, say a man is facing a charge of attempted manslaughter after he confessed to shooting his 18-year-old son during an argument over orange juice. Police tell The Advocate 58-year-old Eldridge Dukes and his son were fighting Sunday morning about the lack of orange juice. Investigators say the squabble escalated when the victim broke a vase, and Dukes grabbed his handgun. They say Dukes chased the victim out of the house and down the street, firing at least three times. Police say the son was hit in the buttocks and suffered non-life-threatening injuries.

Man, kids just don’t get it nowadays. Show a little respect for your parents and leave enough orange juice for your dads liking. You’re 18-years-old, time to start being a man and figuring out what’s important in life. Is your thirst and vitamin C satisfaction really more important than that of your father’s? Think, man. Do the right thing. Next time you’re thirsty, get some tap water. Leave your dad his OJ, or your gonna get shot in the ass. The choice is yours.

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