Cyber-Cafe Fisticuffs. Hey, Call Of Duty is Serious Business, Babes.

News — November 6, 2014 at 9:29 pm by

Looks like Thin Guy-Black Shirt takes his gaming quite serious.  Unfortunately for him, he can’t win a fight even when he’s got the sucker punch advantage and the target of his cyber-anger is sitting the hell down.  Sit Down-Purple Shirt easily wins the day- he’s driving his COD opponents to madness and then he’s kicking the shit out of them when they dare show up at Café Joystick to express their cyber-rage.  Being Called to Duty is some serious shit….

Here’s how the video was described on Live Leak….

Apparently purple shirt kid was camping on call of duty and when other kids asked him to stop he told them to ‘get rekt’ and that he’s chilling on Quan Lon Cafe if anyone has a problem. the kid in black came in to settle the score but got rekt in real life.
..or at least that’s what i think happened

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