Customer Saves The Day By Beating Robber With Iced Tea Bottle

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You gotta love the bravery exhibited by these two late night customers, especially the dude who laid down the law with his bottle of iced tea. When the shit hits the fan, you’ve gotta be able to improvise and that’s exactly what he did. He pummeled¬†that scumbag with his tasty beverage like there was no tomorrow. Big ups to iced tea, too. It quenches your thirst on a hot summer’s day, it goes great with booze, and you can use a bottle of it to thwart some jackass robber. And man oh man, Jovon Reddick is a jackass. If you have a loaded gun on you, why in the fuck would you try to commit a robbery with your fingers? That’s like Babe Ruth saying, “Nah, I don’t feel like crushing dingers today. Think I’m just going to try to get the job done with some bunt singles.” You’ve gotta play to your strengths and use every advantage at your disposal if you’re going to become a successful thief.¬†Homeboy brought a gun to an iced tea fight and he still lost. SMGDH.


via Local 10 Miami & Busted Coverage

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