Cristiano Ronaldo Wasn’t Up For A Reporter’s Question , Proceeds to Throw Mic Into Lake

Entertainment — June 22, 2016 at 10:57 am by

From the outside looking in, it would appear that Ronaldo is an asshole for throwing a reporter’s microphone into the lake. It seems like the reporter was just asking a simple question, so Ronaldo must’ve reacted this way for a reason. According to one reddit user, there is a history between Ronaldo and this news team:

Reddit to people who don’t know why this happened, the journalist belongs to a company called “Correio da Manhã” (Morning Mail) and it’s best known for their over the top sensationalization of the news. They are the ones starting rumours, they are the ones developing and spreading those same rumours. at one instance, Ronaldo refused to talk to Correio da Manhã in a press conference. they began rumours like Cristiano is gay, Portuguese ex prime minister had homossexual relations with a younger guy, that some actors were cheating or getting cheat on.. they are the poison of news. with the recent Portuguese squad not playing as they should on the Euro, Correio da Manhã (and others) started saying this was Ronaldo’s fault, he was the causing of Portugal playing so darn awful… so Cristiano had enough of it. and now they are acting like the victims, like they did nothing wrong ever.

What a lot of people don’t realize is this TV station is an absolute joke. They are like the Daily Mail of Portugal. Ronaldo won a court case against them for slander. Once they also interviewed a pizza delivery guy for 6 minutes live on TV because he was delivering a pizza to our ex-pm.

With that said, it seems like the reporter got off lightly.

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